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Your Oral Health Determines your Overall Health!….Really!

Not flossing may increase your chance of dementia and rheumatoid arthritis and not maintaining healthy teeth, gums and mouth microbiome may cause a heart attack!

When it comes to optimal health or even ‘good health’ not many people put oral health high on the list. But the research is growing exponentially showing that the health of your teeth & gums and the oral microbiome has a HUGE role to play in your overall health and your risk for diseases such as heart disease & dementia.


Some fascinating oral facts backed by science!

  • Your mouth has a microbiome of bugs that may be more diverse than our intestines!

  • Your mouth and your gut microbiome share about 45% of the same species of bacteria.

  • We swallow about 10 billion bacteria per day! Good and bad!

  • Oral bacteria has been discovered to impact Alzheimer’s, specifically Porphyromonas gingivalis, the bacteria present in the most serious form of gum disease. These bacteria are able to cross into the brain causing severe inflammation.

  • A strong relationship exists that show your risk of having heart attack is higher if you have gum disease.

  • Porphyromonas gingivalis and other bacteria caused by periodontal disease are also shown to play a role in progression of rheumatoid arthritis, premature birth, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, weight gain and even cancer!

  • There’s genomic variations in our own DNA that affect our risk of periodontal disease.

  • Celiac disease is a well known cause of weak enamel increasing likelihood of cavities and a yellowing of teeth! And 70% of people are undiagnosed!

  • Mercury in fillings is a neurotoxin. The FDA states, “A person with four fillings has enough mercury to make a 20-acre lake unfit for fishing.”

  • Plus if you have fillings don’t chew gum. The neurotoxins leach out more!

  • Studies show that at least 66% of root canals are harbours for bad bacteria!

  • Studies show 67% of precautionary wisdom teeth removal are unnecessary and cause issues such as facial misalignment.

  • If you do need a tooth extracted be sure that the dentist removes the periodontal ligament which is a HUGE site of bad bacteria!

  • Fluoride has been shown to disrupt healthy oral microbiome.

Oral Health Checklist… in order of priority

  • Remove all metal fillings. The mercury leaching from these is slowing poisoning you! Use a biological dentist ONLY! The extraction process is very very important!

  • Have existing root canals checked to ensure that they are not ‘wells’ of inflammatory bacteria (that don’t feel because pain because the tooth is dead!)

  • See a good dentist (Dr John Michalopoolos in CBD is worlds best…really!) every 6mths. Prevention always wins! See Johnny at

  • Floss your teeth every day! And do it properly. Google how! If they bleed they are not healthy!

  • Use an electric tooth brush twice daily! They are much more effective than your tooth brush. And use SOFT bristles only. You don’t want to remove enamel… just plaque!

  • Tongue scraping … some say yes others no but if you are going to do it a dessert spoon works better than a tooth brush! I do it!

  • Chew all food 30 x. Your saliva is your first point of defence for good bacteria and breaking down food in the mouth so that we absorb more nutrients as it passes along the GI tract! Note: chewing a xylitol gum is recommended to stimulate saliva.

  • Oil Pulling - take a mouth full of organic coconut oil or MCT oil and swish it around for 3-5min every day before eating. Many top oral experts believe this to be the best way to nourish the oral microbiome and teeth & gum health.

  • Baking soda, sea salt & magnesium are great mouth washes for cleaning and neutralising the mouth acidity. Note: The same as the water I highly recommend everyone starts their day with!

  • NEVER use mouth wash. The data on almost all of these ranges from no effect to increasing risk of diabetes and hypertension (and maybe heart attack).

  • Avoid drinking when you eat. The fluid (even water but especially alcohol) deletes the effectiveness of your digestive salivary enzymes. 30min before or straight after is fine!

  • Avoid sugar and processed foods! Dah!

  • Eat lots of fibre! Plants clean teeth naturally!

  • CoQ10 is a great supplement for oral health. So is vitamin D, A, K & C.

  • Oral probiotics are a great idea to optimise oral microbiome. There are probiotic toothpastes that are highly recommended - The best is Designs for Health - PerioBiotic Toothpaste.

Flouride and Toothpaste

This is a contentious issue and after examining numerous studies over the last few years and listening to many world renowned dental experts I no longer use a flouride toothpaste.

  • Bottom line - The harm caused by flouride out weighs any potential benefit (mixed evidence) from preventing tooth decay and plaque. (Sadly many dentist only considers your teeth independently… they often do not consider your overall health)

  • The fluoride FREE toothpaste I use is Grants of Australia found at woolworths or Moogoo toothpaste.

Or make you own Alkalinizing Toothpaste


  • 30 ml coconut oil

  • 20 ml baking soda

  • 20 drops peppermint

  • 10 drops frankincense

  • 10 drops Sweet thyme

I know even this article will not convince many of you to take better care of your oral health but just ask yourself this question… “what if one of the reasons you don’t always feel energetic and mentally sharp or that you get sick often could be fixed by simply flossing your teeth, using an electric tooth brush and seeing the dentist a little more regularly!”

Or even this

“What if flossing my teeth could prevent a heart attack and stop me getting dementia in my 70’s”?

Just a thought!


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