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Who We Are

We are a small team of passionate & enthusiastic health, fitness & wellness professionals who 'walk the talk'!
Our strength is that we are a true team. You may work with just one health coach but you have the knowledge and support of our founder Matt Crowe with 32 years of optimal health research & 'boots on the ground' experience & application.


Matt Crowe

Coach, Educator, Trainer, Life Enthusiast, Dad

I know it's a cliche but my life truly has been devoted to health & fitness!

An over-achieving sports nut in my early years; an exercise science degree; a brief stint as a professional sportsman & 32 years as a personal trainer & multiple gym owner whilst traversing the globe pursuing my passion for travel & sports adventure as a devoted dad to two girls. 

This has led to my evolution over the past 10 years to a more complete & holistic wellness researcher & educator with a committed passion to teach and inspire people to feel the pure satisfaction of living a full & balanced life in optimal health!

Pep Karpatsis

Runner, Feel Good Coach, Traveller, Mum

After 20 years as a corporate executive and avid runner I became a mum for the first time in my 40's!

It changed my world. I always believed in the power of good nutrition & consistent movement (especially  after several years of compromised health) so I became a qualified fitness professional and continued to learn & embrace the importance of a well balanced lifestyle.

I believe my strength is being able to connect with clients on a deeply personal level creating an environment where you truly love the training experience. When you walk out of our studio feeling alive and invigorated I feel blessed to be part of your wellness journey!


Michael Smith

Naturopath, Functional Medicine Student, Chef

I originally come from Melbourne, where I had a career as a very busy chef. As I struggled with my own health problems during this time, I developed an interest in the effects of food and activity on health.

After many years working as a Naturopath I now integrate the fascinating fields of genetics and functional medicine into my practice to deliver far more accurate & holistic outcomes for my clients.

I love to be constantly learning and using my knowledge to help others overcome their health problems.

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Josh Bryan

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

After a thriving career with one of Australia's most well-known real estate brands, Josh decided to pursue his passion becoming a personal trainer. Josh understands the importance of living life to the fullest, including a healthy mind & body. He is especially passionate about mental health and enjoying the journey of life, not just focusing on the destination. Josh is dedicated to helping clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also to helping them experience the feeling of  optimal health & happiness.

Team: Our Therapies

Roxy Lee

After gaining a marketing degree from the University of Arizona, I left my home town of Los Angeles behind and moved to Australia in 1995. I wasn't sure what life had in store but my true passion was all things sport & fitness. At university I played high level at six sports including boys baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse & track n field.

I had no idea that when I walked into Legends Gym at Darling Harbour and met a young fitness instructor named Matt Crowe that we would work together in the fitness industry (off & on) for the next 30 years! 
After getting married, having two kids & moving back to the USA for a few years, I am now back working with Matt doing what I love. I am so passionate about achieving overall holistic health and look forward to teaching my clients to strive for their personal best in all aspects of life.

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