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5 Most Under-Rated Health Hazards

  1. Sitting!

Exercising 1hr per day WILL NOT off-set the energy & metabolism deficit of sitting 10hrs per day!

In fact, not only is making you fat.. it is killing you!

A new huge study of 480000 people over 13 years had scarey results for heath & mortality. It looked at the consequences of ‘prolonged occupational sitting’ – aka having to sit down all day for work. It found people who did this had a 16 percent higher risk of death from any cause, and 34 percent higher from cardiovascular disease. The study adjusted for other factors including sex, age, smoking, drinking and body mass index (BMI). 

Oh… and if you then sit and watch TV all night at home the stats get worse!

But… It found people with sedentary jobs who did 15 to 30 minutes of extra physical activity (over and above your usual training) a day offset their increased mortality risk.

Now an extra 30min may not be realistic but the good news is it doesn’t have to be formal exercise!

Moving for 2-3minutes (3 flights stairs or walk around block) every hour or walking for 10min morning, lunch & evening will offset your risks perfectly!

Great results for stand up desks too!

Bottom Line - Stop siting all day & night… move!

  1. Oral health - Floss Your teeth

I keep talking about it but people are just not getting it! The bacteria like p. gingavalis in your mouth are strongly associated with greatly increased risk of heart disease and alzheimers! All you have to do is clean out that harmful bacteria every night by flossing your teeth! Yes brushing twice daily is important too but flossing may prove to be a key component in preventing dementia!

Bottom Line - Flossing is more important than brushing!

  1. Lack of Sun

When was the last time you actually thought “I should go outside today because I haven’t felt the sun on my skin!”?

Maybe never! But you really should!

If you want to sleep better get the sun in your eyes and on your skin every day to sync your circadian rhythm!

If you want to reduce stress get out in the sun & nature every day!

If you want to increase your immune system and feel happier… yep you guessed it, get sun & near plants every day!

Bottom Line - Sun & nature is our best remedy to a tech dominated, indoor, sleep deprived, stressed & depressed life!

  1. Gut Health & Your Microbiome

In case you have been hiding in a cave for the last 10 years you MUST have heard of your microbiome and gut health (same same but different).

Preventing leaky gut (holes in your gut lining) is now considered the most important factor to preventing chronic inflammation in the body! And inflammation is considered THE ROOT CAUSE of 90% of all illness & disease!

Your microbiome is the bacteria in your intestines (mostly small). Having a good diversity and richness of bacteria in your  microbiome is fast being recognised as GROUND ZERO for optimal health. The 100 trillion bugs (bacteria) in your gut seem to be in control of everything from obesity, dementia, depression, heart disease, diabetes and all autoimmune diseases like celiac, hashimotos thyroid & rheumatoid arthritis.

And so much you do without thinking is destroying it!

The most common ‘destroyers’ of gut health you do are:

  • Nurofen, antacids & Voltaren - huge cause of leaky gut ripping holes in gut lining!

  • Antibiotics - ‘Nukes’ all bacteria - it can take 2 years to repopulate good gut bacteria!

  • Gluten - increase zonulin which opens up ‘tight junctions’ of gut lining

  • All sugar & processed carbs - feeds bad bacteria causing dysbiosis (more bad than good bacteria).

  • Glyphosate & many chemicals - kills good bacteria (bread, pasta, cereal main sources)

  • Alcohol - kills good bacteria & promotes leaky gut - huge driver of inflammation!

Bottom Line - Your Gut & Microbiome is a VERY BIG DEAL! Stop taking chemicals thinking they aren’t causing harm!

  1. Eating Late

The Japanese Sumo have a secret ‘tactic’ to put on massive amounts of weight and fat! They eat right before dinner and then go to bed!

Add a little advancing age to eating within an hour or so of bed time and you will quickly see how effective late night snacking and alcohol is for getting fat fast!

Oh… and we now know your brain has a glymphatic cleaning system that is most active in the first 2 hours of sleep but if you eat before bed this ‘brain cleansing’ is severely diminished. Likely result …. Increased dementia risk!

Bottom Line - Don’t eat after 7pm! Especially alcohol!


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