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Toxins - The Forgotten Cause of Accelerated Ageing (& early death)

Updated: May 6, 2023

If I asked 100 people in the street what is the biggest cause of ‘accelerated ageing’ in the modern western world I would bet good money that not many would list ‘TOXINS’ as the number one factor.

BUT when you consider the broad definition of toxins and look at the data it is overwhelming. Toxins in all forms are killing US!


(And you probably don’t realize)

1. Don’t smoke or vape (I will sugar coat this … if you do you are asking for trouble!). Note: The long term data on vaping is not “IN” but ALL those chemicals in your brain may prove to be worse than smoking!

2. Rid your mouth of metal fillings and be careful of metal from big fish like tuna & swordfish - metal toxicity is a very common cause of poor health that doctors never check!

3. Eliminate all mould sources! You should NEVER have any mould in your house or home EVER- it really is a hidden killer!

4. Limit antibiotics - yes sometimes you just need them but they are 400% over prescribed by doctors who have little regard of the downstream impact they have destroying your gut lining & good bacteria! One round takes 2 years for your gut to recover from!

5. Anti inflammatories, pain killers and antacids - these all destroy gut lining leading to chronic inflammation! If you take them regularly you will NEVER be healthy!

6. Drink only filtered water & Never plastic bottles - our water is filthy! You wont believe me on this until you get your tap water tested! It’s eye opening! You really need to filter your water and NEVER drink out of plastic. Glass is your only option!

7. Eat 80% organic meat, fruit, vege & food products - loaded with thousands of chemicals especially glyphosate (Round Up) that is destroying health! Your meat may be more important than your fruit & veges to but as organic as possible.

8. Use 100% natural personal care products - your skin is your second mouth. Only ever use plant based natural products such as deodorant (NEVER A SPRAY), moisturiser, make up, shampoo, soap, toothpaste. These days its easy to find good alternatives!

9. Get natural air flow in home & office or get a hepa air filter - bet you didn’t know that your indoor air is 5x more toxic than outdoor! Open the windows!

10. Use 100% natural organic home, cleaning & detergent products - simple swap! Did I mention there are 84000 approved chemicals for products and almost none of them are tested!

11. EMF radiation (electrical radiation from all devices but especially wifi, phones and routers) is registered as a known possible carcinogen. DON’T WEAR EAR PODS EVER! Remember its all about distance when it comes to EMF. Keep devices away as much as possible!

12. The big one - TOXIC THOUGHTS

Toxic thoughts may well be the biggest accelerator of ageing of all. Our attitude, beliefs and mindsets ultimately control our health & happiness!

Here is what science has proven!

  • Think you are old you will genuinely age quicker!

  • Think you are sick and ill your immune system will be weaker! (Note: anxiety was the second biggest factor associated with death from Covid. Only 2% less then extreme obesity!)

  • Think you are a victim or ‘it’s not up to you’ then you will be sicker more often and die early… up to 10 years early!

  • Think you don’t deserve happiness then your life is tougher!

In the words of William Shakespeare “Nothing is neither good or bad… but thinking makes it so!

12+ - Did I mention Sugar & Alcohol? They have their own complete article for another time!

Now go though the list and start with one change to your toxic exposure!

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