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The Top Ways To Break Your Phone Addiction

We are all addicted!

Our subconscious usage of our smart phones is destroying the fabric of society! Where will it end?

  • The average person picks up their phone 200-250 per day!

  • The average person spends 3hrs43min per day on their phone!

  • 80% of the western world has their phone within arms reach 24 hrs a day!

  • We receive more stimulus inputs in a day than our ancestors did in a lifetime!

  • EMF radiation emitted by phones is classified by WHO as a probable carcinogen!

  • Since social media loneliness has increased substantially & loneliness is now a bigger risk factor for early death than smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

  • Due to social media 1 in 4 teenagers don’t have a real close physical friend!

Smart Phones have taken over our lives!

Don’t think this is you? You are addicted to your phone if:

  • You get a surge of excitement when your phone pings!

  • You can’t turn off non-essential notifications (should be everything)

  • The first thing you do every day is check your phone.

  • You take your phone to the toilet

  • You have your phone in your bedroom

  • You have your phone at the dinner table

  • You can’t wait at traffic lights, a lift or any queue without checking your phone

  • You can’t watch TV or a movie without also being on your phone

  • You walk and text/scroll on your phone (especially if you cross the road)

  • You check your phone when you get in & out of the car… every time!

The tech companies designing apps for your phone have ONE SOLITARY PURPOSE… KEEP YOU WATCHING, SCROLLING AND SWIPING!

Your GOAL is less than 50 phone pick ups per day!

Here are the TOP tips to help you break your phone addiction and get back your life:

  1. Delete every App that you don’t need - if you haven’t used any app in the last 3 months delete it!

  2. Turn off ALL notifications - everything ideally! If you have to have phone call & message notifications set them to vibrate only.

  3. Move all ‘Social Media apps’ off your Home Screen - Put them on last page! Especially social media apps like instagram, facebook, tick tok, twitter, etc

  4. Set a home digital shut down time every night - At a set time every night (7-8pm ideal) ensure all family devices are put in ‘lock box’ or away in laundry/kitchen to charge.

  5. Use your “do not disturb” feature - When you start deep or focused work silence all alerts! At work and in evenings ideal.

  6. Reduce visual stimulation - Make your phone less attractive to look at by making phone colour scheme grey scale.

  7. Never have phones at dinner table - not at home and not when out with friends.

  8. Never have phones nearby whilst watching television - keep them out of the lounge room.

  9. Never use your phone when walking - if you have to text or use your phone actually stop walking!

  10. Never have phones in bedroom - if you really have to receive emergency calls (kids living away) make sure phone is in ensuite or other side of room.

  11. Never have your phone on your desk at work - you will be always waiting for it to ‘beep’!

  12. Don’t check your phone when waiting - When stopped at lights, when you get in a lift, when in a queue, when waiting at street lights! Build willpower!

  13. Never check phone in first 30min every morning - Be proactive before you are reactive. Exercise, breakfast, deep work, walk outside … before you look at your phone!

  14. Don’t turn your phone into a television - Limit entertainment to a TV set. Watching shows on your phone is not only bad for your eyes but makes you more likely to check ‘other stuff’!

  15. Buy an alarm clock - “but I use my phone as an alarm clock” is akin to “but the donut shop is on my way to work!”

  16. Don’t read on your phone- Get a physical book or a kindle that just has books! You can’t check facebook on a kindle!

  17. Use apps to monitor how you spend time on your phone - Apps like Moment, Freedom and Forest can help you limit access to certain apps.

  18. Use dark mode at night - If you must use your phone for anything important in the evening, change the theme to dark mode. It’s easier on the eye.

  19. Put your phone away from sight when you are doing mentally challenging work- If you can see it, it will distract your focus!

  20. Prune your social feed - Unfollow people who don’t inspire, motivate or educate you. You don’t need time wasters in your life.

  21. Use dark lock screen wallpaper - The first picture on your screen is the gateway to your phone. Make it a deterrent: try a boring picture.

  22. Use T.I.M.E as your guide to pick up your phone!

T- Time - be conscious (measure) of the time your are on it!

I - Intentional - have an actual reason to pick up your phone!

M - Meaningful - use the phone meaningfully with a purpose!

E - Education/Entertainment - it’s ok to use for these purposes just make it a conscious choice! And time it!

Fact: Did you know that a phone 1m from your head gives you only 10% of the EMF radiation. Within 10cm you get 90%!

Phone usage is destroying the fabric of society, families and relationships!


Breaking the phone addiction will take conscious effort but your health, happiness & relationships will be better for it!


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