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The Top 12 Tactics To Live Healthier & Live Longer

Nearly all of the research on earth for optimal health & longevity comes down to these few simple things!

Apply the 80/20 rule to all below and you will give yourself every chance to live another happy 20 years in great health!

  1. Conscious thought! Train yourself to be conscious of your thoughts & control your choices… then everything below is possible!

  2. Don’t eat between 7pm & 10am every day! Daily 15hr Intermittent Fast! Our bodies repair & regenerate infinitely better when we don’t eat as often!

  3. Sleep between 10pm & 6am every day! 7-8 hrs of consistent sleep every night is the magic elixir of optimal health!

  4. Don’t eat sugar & processed foods! Eat 90% whole real foods & “let food be thy medicine!"

  5. Lift heavy stuff, get your heart rate up & stretch! Exercise 4 x per week to build strong lean muscles, fit hearts & cells & capable bodies!

  6. Manage your stress! 5min of daily meditation, breath work, prayer or gratitude journaling will change the way you act & feel!

  7. Limit alcohol to 1-2 drinks per day! Too much alcohol is robbing you of 10-20 healthy years… and you only realise on your 5th doctors visit in the one year!

  8. Meaningful social interaction! People need people! Catch up with family & friends every week & never stop!

  9. Avoid toxins & chemicals! Our world is slowly killing us & we don’t realise! Use natural plant based products, drink filtered water & eat organic food!

  10. Get outside in sun & nature daily! Nature heals! Walk, cycle, swim, paddle, surf in the early morning sun as often as possible!

  11. Get very cold & very hot 3-4 x per week! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Have either a sauna, hot bath, cold swim or cold shower every day!

  12. Have a reason to get up every morning and be excited about it! People with purpose and meaning live longer happier lives…period!

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