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What 30 years as a health coach, 70000 PT sessions and 1000 hours reading articles, research studies and expert podcast on fat loss & lifelong weight management have taught me!

Science and Experience Key Points

  • If you are on a ‘DIET’ to lose weight you are almost guaranteed to put that weight back on over the next year… and more!

  • If you don’t adopt a HEALTHY LIFELONG EATING routine you will ‘YO-YO’ in weight for the rest of your life!

  • Our GENES want us to be fat! Our current DNA is at least 200000 years old. We evolved to store fat for survival during food scarcity. The problem is - we have the same genes, we have an abundance of food (mostly artificial) & a shortage of willpower driven by a primal brain that compels us to eat foods (chemically altered by industry) that give us pleasure!

  • Not having ‘what you consider’ a large waistline does NOT mean you are not OVER FAT. Internal visceral (organ) fat may be a bigger health issue than being obviously overweight. (But yes often they go together).

  • A CALORIE DEFICIT is necessary but NOT sufficient to maintain a healthy lifetime weight.

  • EXERCISE is necessary but NOT sufficient to maintain a healthy lifetime weight.

  • After 40 years of age what USE TO WORK easily for fat loss probably will not work as well. After 60yrs fat loss gets exponentially harder.

  • Controlling our key HORMONES of LEPTIN for satiety and GHRELIN for hunger are CRITICAL for long term weight management. Lifestyle, environmental and food choice are all HUGE drivers of these hormones.

  • WILLPOWER alone will fail for the majority of people for healthy lifetime weight!

  • Food QUALITY is key. Whole real foods must make up 90% of your diet.

  • Science (unbiased studies) supports eating as an OMNIVORE for healthy lifetime weight & health.

  • A healthy VEGAN or VEGETARIAN diet can work wonderfully for healthy lifetime weight… but you have to be educated as to the nutritional shortfalls which may affect your lifetime wellness.

  • Increasing PROTEIN intake is your BEST long term strategy for fat loss. Muscles maintain metabolism & metabolic health.

  • Both short intense CARDIO and long steady (zone 2) cardio are great for fat loss.

  • STRENGTH training and muscle mass are SUPERIOR to cardio for optimal fat percentage and lifelong weight management… but both is better!

  • High fat and KETO diets may work for some but must be on a pulsed (x weeks on x weeks off) nature for overall health & compliance.

  • INTERMITTENT FASTING can be beneficial for fat loss but not necessary and not for everyone.

  • GOOD FATS’ do not make you fat.

  • COFFEE is positively correlated with healthy lifelong weight.

  • NO validated study has shown a high carbohydrate/low fat diet to be correlated to good long term weight management or health status. In fact, quite the opposite.

  • Maintaining adequate HYDRATION is essential for lifelong weight management. 30ml of water per kg of body weight per day - plus extra for exercise water loss.

  • ALCOHOL consumption may be the single biggest ‘X factor’ of fat gain and inability to lose weight in my client experience! And the curve gets much steeper with age as our bodies detox less effectively.

  • SUGAR & STARCHY CARBOHYDRATES are the ‘real cause’ & biggest contributor to fat gain and obesity based on volume & regularity of intake in the modern world. We love bread, cereal, pasta, cakes & sweets… and it doesn’t love us back!

  • POOR SLEEP makes you fat! Poor sleep changes brain chemistry & hormone secretion to make it very difficult to make good food choices and maintain positive lifestyle behaviours like exercise and meditation.

  • CHRONIC STRESS makes you fat. Chronic stress alters your hormones and chemicals that directly control how you metabolise and store calories.

  • Maintaining diverse & rich good bacteria in our MICROBIOME is the ‘new ground zero’ for healthy lifelong weight.

  • TOXINS make you fat. ‘Obesagen’ chemicals like BPA in plastic are hormone disrupters that promote weight gain.

  • The most proven weight loss strategies of all time is ‘KEEP A FOOD DIARY’ and even then you will lie to yourself!

  • The next best is … remove the ‘JUNK’ food from your house & office. We are all weak (yes even me) so make it an effort to eat poorly!

  • A FAT & PROTEIN FIRST MEAL OF THE DAY is your best start to every day for healthy lifelong weight.

  • NEVER DRINK SUGAR… No soft drink, juice, sports or energy drinks is your first rule!


My favourite simple nutrition advice:

  • ‘Eat real food, not too much, not too often’

  • ‘Eat 30 plants a week’

  • ‘Eat 1.6kg of protein per kg of body weight per day’

  • ‘The best eating plan is the one you can stick to forever’


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