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1. Dry Cleaning - I have seen over a dozen studies and papers from neurologists linking the perchloroethylene, also known as tetrachloroethylene, PCE, or perc chemical used in most in dry cleaning with greatly increased Parkinson’s risk! Over 10x increase in Parkinson’s disease development! It is also considered a possible carcinogen! Choose ‘green’ chemical friendly dry cleaners if you have to use them!

2. Mouth Wash - Never use a mouth wash! If your dentist says they are ok change dentists. Hundreds of studies showing mouth wash kills key good bacteria (your mouth has its own vitally important microbiome) that harms gut health and increases risk of alzheimers and heart disease!

3. Anti-perspirant - Aluminium is severely toxic to our body. All these commercials deodorants use aluminium as main ingredient. Never use a spray! Even worse is that one of the key detox pathways for the body is our sweat & lymph glands under our arms. Anti-perspirants (as the name suggests) blocks these sweat glands limiting detoxification pathways! Roll-on non-aluminium deodorant only!

4. Plastic water bottles (BPA) - if you actually saw what happens to the plastic when it sits in the sun you would never drink out of plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum products and a 100 other chemicals. The plastic (especially thin water bottle plastic) breaks down (photodegradation) leaching BPA chemicals & other toxic plastic chemicals into the water. These chemicals are proven endocrine disrupters and obesagens that mess with our hormones and directly lead to health issues including: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, liver damage, obesity and ADHD!

5. Nurofen & Voltaren - you think it is no big deal but these ibuprofen based pain killers and antiinflammatories are actually highly inflammatory for our body because they cause leaky gut due to production of a molecule called zonulin. Leaky gut is when your intestinal tract develops small holes that allows food particulates and other molecules into the blood stream that should not be there. The immune system does what it is designed to do, recognises these as a pathogen and launches an attack. The net result is wide spread inflammation that reaches every organ of the body! So the nurofen you take to stop short term pain may actually cause long term pain via chronic inflammation. Yes sometimes the acute pain is too intense and you need ‘drugs’ but just choose your battles and use as sparingly as possible

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