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How to Compete in Centenarian Olympics

Updated: May 6, 2023

The fact is, for most of us our physical bodies, movement ability, daily functionality or our capability to ‘do stuff’ will diminish (too quickly) before we die from a significant disease such as dementia, cancer, heart disease or diabetes!

In other words we are more likely to become dysfunctional and frail because we don’t remain strong and stable then we are to succumb to disease!

When it comes to your physical strength, fitness and function it is very much a matter of “if you don’t use it you lose it”. The age factor (particularly up to age 80) plays a minor role in how well you move and what you are able to do day to day!

Yes it is up to you to slow the ageing process by remaining fit, strong & able… what I sum up as capable!

The below list is a compilation of Gym and Real Life Movements you should definitely be able to do now, with continual practice do at age 80 and with some serious commitment do at age 100!

Good luck!

Top 15 Gym movements to be able to do at 100

  1. 5 x Thrusters with 5kg ball - Squat down to 90 degrees & stand up & press ball fully above your head

  2. 3 x Turkish Get up with 2kg DB

  3. 5 x Step Up on bench & hold 1 leg in air & slowly step down hitting heel first

  4. 5 x Kneel down (lunge) 2cm off the floor & back up with good posture

  5. Hang from a bar for 1min

  6. Carry 2 x 16kg KB 40m with upright posture in one go

  7. Do 5 x full sit ups

  8. Do 5 x Burpees - no walking hands back to feet to get up

  9. Do 5 x Walk out push up (inch worm)

  10. Do 5 x One leg dead lift & twist to touch DB

  11. Do 10 x Towel shoulder rolls

  12. 10 x Lateral jump 1m & hold 10sec

  13. 10 x Tricep dips with straight legs

  14. 5 x Plank up & down with good posture

  15. Do 1 chin up

Top 20 LIFE movements to do at 100

  1. Put 10kg bag in overhead luggage on the plane

  2. Carry 2 x 5kg shopping bags up 3 flights stairs

  3. Get up off floor using only 1 hand and 1 knee (or better no knees)

  4. Get out of pool without a ladder

  5. Squat down & pick up 10kg child and hold in your arms

  6. Squat down & sit on a gutter using no hands

  7. Put your socks on standing up - no holding on

  8. Ly down & get up in 10 sec

  9. Climb over a fence

  10. Run 20m fast

  11. Walk backwards 20m

  12. Swim 100m

  13. Ride a bike 10km

  14. Catch a wave at the beach

  15. Mow the lawn

  16. Hike 2km anywhere

  17. Ride a scooter

  18. Paddle a stand up paddle board

  19. Climb a ladder 6 foot high

  20. Play golf!

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