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Foods that I am amazed people still think is a healthy option!

  1. Vegetable Oil - The worst food in the human diet!! Have you ever considered exactly how they can call these ‘vegetable’ oils when they are made from canola, sunflower, safflower - SEEDS! Nothing is more toxic or causes more inflammation (the root cause of all disease) than ‘vegetable oil’! (ok maybe tied with sugar!) It is in almost every processed food, takeaway food, fried, baked or packet food in existence & it is destroying your health! This should NEVER be used at home!

  2. Bread - Almost every type of bread (white, wholemeal, wholegrain) you buy is full of sugar, gluten, preservatives & processed flour! It is one of (if not the number 1) most abundant poor food choice in the western diets! If you need bread… Slow fermented wholemeal organic sourdough is your best choice! Note: Wraps, rolls & buns are the worst type of bread! And Spinach wraps… just green dyed white flour wraps!

  3. Milk - over 75% of adult world is lactose intolerant. It causes inflammation, gut issues and adds untold sugar calories to our diet. Milk is not the only source of calcium… calcium is plentiful in seeds, nuts, sardines, leafy greens & more! Sheep & goat milk are your best dairy options or if you really must drink cows milk ensure it A2 - the A2 casein protein is much better for your gut!

  4. Diet coke (or any low or zero sugar product) - There is very good scientific support that these diet & sugar replacement foods create havoc with the bodies chemistry and are possibly worse for your health than full sugar options! In addition to their obesogenic artificial sweeteners, diet sodas are loaded with caramel colour, which have been found to be potentially carcinogenic. Plus, it's got tooth enamel-eroding carbonation and additives.

  5. Low Fat ANYTHING - NEVER eat low fat anything because the substitutes and added sugar is not a healthier option! If you must have dairy choose whole fat and you know the irony… it is less fattening!

  6. Breakfast cereal (including muesli & granola) - I will keep this simple - the only breakfast cereal that you should eat is pure organic oats (ideally European). Nearly every (99%) cereal is full of sugar, gluten, chemicals & herbicides like glyphosate! Just shouldn’t be in your house and you should never give to your kids!

  7. Sports drinks - once they actually had some beneficial electrolytes in them. Now they are just soft drink with harmful colouring & salt! There is little difference between coke & Powerade!

  8. Fruit juice is little better than soft drink! 300ml coke = 16 tablespoons sugar & 300ml orange juice = 14 tablespoons sugar! Yes even when it is freshly squeezed. Fruit juice is NOT healthy!

  9. Protein & sports bars - have you ever read the labels? Not only as much sugar as many candy bars (a cliff bar spikes glucose more than a snickers) but full of chemicals you can’t pronounce. There are very few healthy protein or sports bars commercially available.

  10. Flavoured Ice Tea - these are WORSE than coke! —like 24 grams of sugar in a 500ml lemon Nestea, cause insulin spikes and increase your risk of weight gain.

  11. Energy Drinks - a real contributor to our sugar epidemic a single 250gm can of Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar—the same amount as a bottle of Sprite—as well as an amount of caffeine that may prove dangerous for some sensitive individuals.

  12. Banana bread - you do know that this is cake right? The banana can actually make it have more sugar & calories then chocolate cake of the same size! It’s awesome marketing though. Ever wondered why it is called banana bread but carrot cake is carrot cake!! PS - bananas are not a great fruit choice!

  13. Ice cream - Yes some people do believe this is healthy (the milk myth). Lets see… kilos of sugar, with crap dairy, mixed with bad fats blended with artificial colours & preservatives! No wonder many consider ice cream top of the ‘bad food’ pyramid!

  14. Frozen yoghurt - just a mixture of chemicals loaded with extra sugar!

  15. Flavoured Yoghurt - very poor dairy with lots of sugar!

  16. Margarine may have once been heralded as being a healthy alternative to butter, but it's actually worse for you. A tablespoon of margarine can contain upwards of 2 grams of trans fat, increasing your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol along the way.

  17. Sushi - do you know the rice in sushi is like pure sugar, the salmon and tuna is probably full of metals & antibiotics… but if you are lucky the nori seaweed its wrapped in might be real (but often not!). It is a ‘junk’ food!

  18. Mashed Potato - the more you cook & break down starches like potato & rice the closer they become like pure glucose! Mashed potato has a higher glycemic load then just about every other starch! Yep its a sugar bomb!

  19. Pasta - Its a toss up whether bread or pasta gives you more sugar, gluten and white flour but chances are you eat quite a load of pasta when you eat it, so keep it limited.

  20. Gluten Free ANYTHING - is NOT a healthy alternative! Its only upside is it avoids gluten which is destroying modern guts and causing chronic inflammation. Most gluten free ’stuff’ has more sugar and chemicals to make it taste palatable.

  21. Organic DOES NOT ensure healthy! It is more likely but just like gluten free can be just ‘crap’ without gluten, organic food can be ‘crap’ without being sprayed with chemicals! Example - organic gluten free muffins can still be full of sugar, vegetable oil & preservatives!

  22. Smoothies - can be the most nutrient dense meal available or the most sugar dense! Make them with vegetables only and you are good to go! No fruit!

  23. Acai bowls - these are served in every health bar but are one of the biggest sources of sugar you can buy! Just get a giant coke with a handful of acai & berries! Its about the same thing!

  24. Cheese slices or cheap cheese - plastic ‘dairy like’ foods full of fillers & preservatives. Quality hard cheeses are your best option.

  25. Deli meats - processed meats are the most carcinogenic food in our diet! There are few ‘good’ sliced meats unless you are carving it off the bone!

  26. Veggie chips - ummm pretty much the same things as potato chips fried in vegetable oil with no nutritional value… not even when they are broccoli, beetroot or kale chips!

  27. Sweet potato fries or chips - Even I try to convince myself these are good for me! But essentially the same as normal potato fries but a different colour! Universal Tip - if it is fried it is CRAP! Even if it is fried in Olive Oil… the extreme high heat destroys the polyphenols (good parts) of the olive oil!

  28. Instant porridge - all the gluten, all the calories, all the sugar… none of the fibre and good stuff!

  29. Vegetarian pasta - Its like eating a packet of chips and a lettuce leaf to cancel it out! Unfortunately the pasta does more harm then the vegetables can possibly make up for!

  30. Veggie Burgers - this new trend is awful. The amount of chemicals and lack of true beneficial soy based product is scary! Have a healthy chicken burger if you must!

  31. Trail Mix - thats for hiking right, so got to be healthy! Well the sugary dried fruit, crackers & low quality nuts like peanuts can make this a worse choice than a packet of jelly babies! (no that doesn’t mean have both)

  32. High Sugar Fruit - now fruit in moderation is great but loading up on 3 or 4 bananas, mango, grapes, watermelon & dates (that are as much as 20% sugar) per day is probably not going to help your weight loss goals! And definitely NOT dried fruit… these are just jelly beans! Go for berries, kiwi, pomegranate, grapefruit & the odd apple!

  33. Canned soup - beware loads of sugar & salt all in a BPA cancer promoting tin! Some can be good but do your homework!

  34. Maple syrup - that sweet syrup is every bit as sugar-laden as table sugar—and much easier to go overboard with.

  35. Pretzels - While they may be lower in calories than other bar fare like chicken fingers and fries, pretzels aren't exactly a healthy snack. Just a handful of salted pretzels packs over 300 milligrams of sodium and 110 calories, most of them in the form of white flour.

  36. Tomato sauce - check the labels! These are often 50-60% sugar & full of preservatives. A complete junk food!

  37. Cous cous - While many people assume that couscous is a whole-grain, it's actually just little balls of semolina—a refined grain that lacks fibre. That's right: it's just white pasta with some seriously good marketing.

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