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A Week with the World’s Leading Fat Loss Experts

So after a week listening to many of the worlds leading experts on fat loss and weight management here is the Top 4 Takeaways in order of importance (well my order… because opinions were very mixed but the general tactics were the same!)

  1. Keep insulin low - below 6.0

Insulin is THE HORMONE responsible for fat storage. If it is high you WILL STORE FAT!

How to keep insulin low - Minimize sugar & refined carbohydrates

Top tactics in order

  • Limit bread & pasta - our biggest source of sugar!

  • Limit Alcohol - under 14 per week!

  • Soft drink, juice, energy drinks, diet drinks - never drink sugar!

  • Ice cream & processed yoghurt - natures perfect fat gain food!

  • Cereal - there is no good cereal

  • Cakes, crackers & baked foods - treat food only

  • Sweets, chocolate & desserts - you know this one… occasional!

2. Maintain Energy Deficit - Less calories in than out!

This is the most debated topic in nutrition history yet every single ‘fat loss expert’ agreed on one premise… there is a basic energy in versus energy out factor!

Some called it carbon, some called it calories, some debated the actual energy the body absorbs but they all agreed that you CAN SIMPLY NOT LOSE WEIGHT WHILST YOU ARE CONSUMING MORE ‘NET’ ENERGY THAN YOU ARE EXPENDING/EXPELLING!

Top tactics in order

  • Eat whole real food only

  • Exercise consistently & move often

  • Fast for 12-18hrs a day if it suits your mindset… or not!

  • Drink water

  • That’s it….

3. Keep inflammation low - CRP below 1.0

Inflammation is the root cause of all disease including obesity!

How to keep inflammation low - the list is long!!

Top tactics in order

  • Limit alcohol - under 14 per week!

  • Limit processed foods - anything in bag or box with barcode!

  • Avoid vegetable oil - in all processed foods and all takeaway & restaurant meals! Never use canola, sunflower, soybean - no seed oils.

  • Good sleep - 7.5hrs per night

  • Exercise or at least walk every day

  • Practice stress management - meditation, breath work, mindfulness

  • Avoid toxic chemicals - air, water, food, home, personal care, household

4. Eat High Protein - aim for 1.6 grams of protein per kg

Protein is the building block of muscle and the key to weight maintenance!

Top Tactics in Order

  • Eat 30-40 grams protein at breakfast - Eggs & salmon/sardines or whey protein smoothie!

  • Eat 30-50grams protein at lunch & dinner - if omnivore chicken & fish or red meat - we can only absorb 30-40 grams protein per meal!

  • Nuts are your best snack - walnuts, pistachio, almonds, macadamia , pecan

  • If you are vegan you have to be vigilant with protein sourcing. It is doable but it is very very hard!

Other Top Tips…. For another time

  1. Fasting - can work very well for fat loss but NOT for everyone and NOT at the expense of protein intake!

  2. Strength Training - is without doubt THE BEST exercise choice for long term weight management

  3. Cardio - it is required but the intensity that works best for fat loss varies between individuals … trial & error!

  4. Daily Movement - if you exercise for one hour per day and sit for 10 hrs you will NOT lose weight!

  5. Toxins - our toxic world is affecting our gut microbiome and hormones to make us fat!

Caveat 1 - Genetics can and do play a role… but basically if you do have genes that predispose you to gaining & keeping fat easily you just have to be more diligent… there is no other way…period!

Caveat 2 - Please disregard everything above if you are in constant high stress state! Chronic stress will change your physiology directly to make it very very hard to lose weight because your whole body is in survival mode…. And when a mammal is in survival mode it holds onto body fat at all cost! Bottom line you will not lose fat despite what you eat and how much exercise you do!

Caveat 3 - If you don’t get at least 7 hours sleep per night and/or are a shift worker with irregular ‘circadian biology’ (sleep/wake cycles) you change your hormones to not only be hungrier and not satisfied but you destroy your willpower and make poor choices so you eat energy rich-nutrient poor foods, exercise less, move less and be more stressed! You won’t lose healthy weight sleep deprived!


  • What works for your friend MAY NOT work for you and what used to work for you MAY NOT work now!

  • DIETS DON’T WORK… only life long eating plans.

  • It is all a game of trial & error!


  • Do your best with what you have got… and then accept and love yourself how you are!

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