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Updated: May 6, 2023

Socrates knew 2500 years ago that mankinds most basic desire was the pursuit of happiness!

There are so many simple little things that really move the dial on your health, wellness & happiness! I have spent the last few years immersed in the science and research behind many of these ‘low hanging fruit’ initiatives we can all do to live a better more optimal life!

So I have a fun challenge for you!

Try to do one health & happiness tactic every day for 31 days!

Some of them might make you feel a little uncomfortable, some may be a little daunting, some of them a little ‘woo woo’ and some of them a little ‘touchy feely’ but I guarantee you that YOU CAN DO THEM ALL!

You simply need an open mind, positive mindset and an adventurous spirit to try something new!

Lets go...

1) Get up at sunrise and go for a 30min walk in nature or ideally by the beach wi

th no shoes, no phones & no sunglasses and just enjoy the rising sun and great outdoors.

2) Fast until 10am today. Eat dinner before 7pm and don’t eat until at least 10am for a 15 hr cell repairing, life extending fast!

3) Ring or FaceTime a friend you haven’t spoken to for at least 1 year. That friend you have been meaning to call or even that friend that maybe you had a little falling out with and never stayed in touch. Be the person & reach out!

4) Pick some flowers from your garden & put them in the house or herbs from your garden & use them is your cooking tonight!

5) Play a board game or fun activity with the family or partner after dinner tonight!

6) Have a hot/cold shower for 5min -

20sec full cold & 10 sec hot x 10 rounds. Don’t shorten it!

7) Eat breakfast mindfully & chew each bite 25 times today. Make your favourite brekky & take the time to think about all the food on your plate, where it came from, who grew or raised it, how it gets from the source to your plate!

8) Give away something to someone more needy. It can be giving a neighbour a shovel, a bag of clothes to a charity or a donation to something that you care about!

9) Have a long dinner with the whole family tonight and just talk and have fun! Take your time!

10) Have a bath! Put some salts in, some bubbles, magnesium maybe, light a candle or even get in with your partner! Relax , unwind and just soak!

11) Write down 3 things you are grateful for before you go to sleep tonight! Ideally 1) Some ‘thing’ you are grateful for; 2) Some ‘one’ you are grateful for; 3) Some ‘thing’ you are glad you have learned or know!

12) Bring your partner flowers or a spontaneous gift! Something with real thought & effort or even something you made for them!

13) Walk barefoot on the grass tonight and watch the sunset!

14) Ring your mum & dad and say thanks! Just thanks for being there! If mum & dad have passed then ring someone who means a lot to you, mentored you or who you respect and tell them!

15) Disconnect from technology from 8am to 5pm today! No phones, iPads, apple watches, wearables, computers, TV! Turn off the wifi! Feel liberated!

16) Go to bed at 9pm tonight and read a fiction book for 30min before sleep! A classic or something new but it must be pure fiction & escapism!

17) Take 5 minutes to sit down with each of your kids and ask them “how are you going”?

18) Take a nap in the middle of the day for 20min today! Its ok you deserve it!

19) Play with a toy or game you had as a kid or do a hobby just for you for 1 hour today! Photo albums, toy train set, drawing or painting. No technology!

20) Have dinner with your partner tonight! if you can go out make a spontaneous booking or if at home organise the kids then have dinner by yourselves!

21) Do a stretch routine or a yoga class. Either at a club or online.

22) Give 5 people a hug today! Family is ok but better if it is strangers or just acquaintances or work colleagues!

23) Learn something new - Listen to a educational or fun podcast! Its easy and simply the best way to learn in todays age!

24) Ring a good friend and put a firm date in the diary for the next 2 weeks to catch up for dinner or drinks! Just the 2 of you!

25) Do some breathe work. Do 10 rounds of Box breathing (4sec in, 4sec hold, 4sec out, 4sec hold - 1 round) and 10 rounds 4-7-8 breathing (4sec in nose, 7sec hold, 8sec out nose).

26)Tell the best joke you know to 5 people today! Your whole family counts as only one!

27) Plan a weekend away with family or partner for next month! Something new and adventurous like camping, hiking, 4wd or mountain biking.

28) Cook a meal from scratch that you have never tried before! Make it a challenge!

29) Put on your favourite song & sing & dance like no one is watching. With loved ones or just by yourself!

30) Have a glass of red wine after dinner and just watch the stars! With or without your partner!

31) Find a quiet place by yourself (near the ocean or in nature best) and just stop and think about your life for 10min! Get off the carousel and be conscious of your life! Where are you now in your life, where are you going, what you are doing, how you are feeling, are you happy with who you are and where you are heading?

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