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3 in 1 Post - Sleep & Body Fat: Blood Sugar Hacks: Fasting

Why sleep deprivation makes you fat

Sleep less then 6 hours per night and here is what happens:

A) Increase hunger hormone ghrelin so hungrier

B) Your desire for sugar and obesity foods rises dramatically

C) Big decrease in satiety hormone leptin so you don’t get full or satisfied

D) Increases production of cortisol which promotes fat storage over use of fat for energy

E) 60% of the weight loss that you get when you're dieting and not getting sufficient sleep come from lean muscle mass because your fat cells are stingy at giving up their fat stores… survival mode!

The net result …. is you eat 300 more calories per day… that is 14kg per year!

Top 7 hacks to prevent blood sugar spikes from food

  1. Eat food in this order 1. vegetables 2. protein & fats 3. carbs & sugar - up to 75% sugar spike decrease

  2. Always combine sugar & carbs with fat & protein - e.g. toast with avocado or macadamia nut butter

  3. Go for post meal walk for 10minutes - 30-40% decrease

  4. Apple cider vinegar 10 minutes before meals - 30% decrease

  5. Have savoury (fat & protein) based breakfast - eggs, mushroom, salmon, greens

  6. Ceylon cinnamon on meals

  7. Exercise before meals

It’s a big deal! - Preventing blood sugar spikes is amongst top few tips for optimal health.

Intermittent Fasting Best Tactics

  1. Dont eat when its dark

  2. Don’t eat for 1 to 2 hours in the morning after you wake

  3. Don’t eat for 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed

  4. It takes your body 5 to 6 hours to clear any food that you have eaten from the digestive system and the cells before ‘true fasting’ starts

  5. The bigger the meal the longer the lag

  6. The more fats the longer the lag

  7. The feeding window is best in active daytime hours

  8. The fasting and autphagy (cell clean up & repair) benefits are greater whilst sleeping

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