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12 Health Habits to Add to Your Life Routine (that work)

  1. Start every day with a 300ml+ glass of water + 1/2 teaspoon Redmond Sea Salt. Still one of the simplest ‘bang for buck strategies’ I know!

  2. Brush your teeth straight after dinner to prevent snacking or alcohol at night! It works!

  3. Remove all processed foods & snacks from the house - completely!! Make it hard when you get the urge…because we are weak! Note: This is still the most proven ’stop eating crap’ strategy there is!

  4. Lay out your workout gear at the end of the bed every night. I want you to trip over it!

  5. Set 1hr move & water alarm on your phone - every time it dings throughout the day MOVE for 2min (stretch, exercises, walk, stairs) & have a glass of water!

  6. Digital Sunset - When the sun sets get off phones and put them on a charger away from living room or bedroom. Liberate yourself! We charge in the laundry!

  7. Turn off all phone notifications except phone calls! ALL OF THEM!

  8. Get the morning sun in your eyes every day! A walk is great but brekky on the balcony will do! Sun in eyes first thing sets your circadian rhythm!

  9. Have lunch next to plants! Park, garden, courtyard. You have to be able to touch and smell a plant! You will feel better… I guarantee!

  10. Move social media apps to 4th page of Home Screen and set phone to grey scale! Put ‘apps of mass distraction’ where you don’t see it & make it unattractive!

  11. Put your socks on standing up every day! At 75yrs old you will thank me!

  12. Never use your hands (on chair arms or your own legs) to get up out of a chair. Not at 30, 60 or 90! And don’t use railings on stairs…our environment is against us!

Special Bonus

  • When you feel like a beer in the evening try having Kombucha & Coconut Water Mix - it works on the same taste receptors and stops the craving! (Which is really just a subconscious cultural & behavioural habit that we have all adopted because we have never actually thought to find a healthier alternative!!!… I can see you nodding & thinking ‘oh yeah’!

  • And when you want a red wine try a little PURE pomegranate juice with some coconut water. This is awesome for your gut lining!

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