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Old Army Barracks - North Head Manly

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Live Younger Longer!

When was the last time you truly felt amazing?

We honestly believe that OPTIMAL HEALTH is the key to living your best life possible!

We will educate, guide & coach you to be strong, capable, energetic, sharp, fit, pain free and truly healthy & well! 

Our Total Body Conditioning exercise philosophy combined with small gradual changes in the way you eat, sleep, live and beyond will give you the greatest gift life can offer… TO FEEL GREAT EVERY DAY!

Every person is unique & your health is multi-layered, that is why we only work with clients as an individual or as a couple! We have so much to teach you and so much to learn about what works best for you... a personalised tailored approach is key to your success

Our holistic private training & lifestyle  coaching studio set in the tranquil surrounds of North Head Manly is your path to living life to your potential!

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Our Holistic Approach

We look at your health from all angles!

  • We leave no stone unturned to optimise your weight & body fat, strength, muscle tone, aerobic fitness, mobility and capability!

  • We assess your physical capability, analyse your lifestyle behaviours and consider your preferences to design a coaching program that you will love & you will do!

  • We coach you on how to eat well, sleep better, manage stress, reduce toxic exposure & live better with simple interventions!

  • We have developed a comprehensive blood pathology test & partnered with a world leading genetic test to discover your true health so we can better tailor nutrition & lifestyle strategies specific to your body!

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The 6 Pillars of Optimal Health


Our philosophy focuses on The 6 Pillars of Health that work synergistically to determine your quality & quantity of life!

Back Stretch


Strength - Aerobic Fitness - Mobility - Function

No other metric that you can control will extend your Healthspan & Lifespan more than consistent & correct exercise.

We use our innovative series of Total Body Conditioning exercises to literally get you in the best shape of your life!


What, When & How Much to Eat for YOU!

What you eat is the most important factor determining your weight management, energy and absence of disease.
We design a lifetime eating plan just for you!

Organic Vegetables
Yoga by the Ocean


Your life demands & experiences and how you interpret & respond to them!

Chronic stress is the true pandemic of our time!
Taking back control and actively managing your busy hectic life is essential to real & lasting health”
We arm you with stress management tactics to thrive not just survive!


The choices, behaviours & actions that make up ‘what you do’ in your life!

There is no lab marker for it but social connection, purpose & attitude may move the needle on living a longer happier life more than any aspect we can measure.
We remind you of the simple things that make the biggest differences!

Fall Beauty


Your quantity & consistency of good quality sleep

Sleep is the pillar on which all other pillars sit.
If sleep falls they all fall!
Nothing will change your experience of life on earth more than good consistent sleep!
We ensure your sleep environment & habits set you up for blissful restorative sleep!


Your exposure to environmental & lifestyle chemicals & pollutants

Minimising our exposure to the thousands of chemicals that pollute our air, water, food, household & personal care products is the hidden X factor to living in optimal health.
We teach you how to avoid the big health disruptors!

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"We want you to live in optimal health & wellness for as long as you possibly can but we understand that you have to enjoy the journey"

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Our Philosophy

Of all that we have learned in our 30 years as immersive trainers & coaches two strategies have continually 'moved the dial' on lasting optimal health, wellness & longevity.

1) Embrace the simple things! Movement, good food, sleep, nature, water, sun, hot, cold, breathing, connection, purpose...

2) The 80/20 Rule! There is no satisfaction in living to 100 if you haven't enjoyed the journey! So we encourage you to live smart & balanced for the most part but still experience the many joys that life provides!

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Room 10, Building 3, 33 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly NSW 2095, Australia

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